Redemptorist Church Lipa City

Redemptorist Church in Lipa City a member of Roman Catholic missionary religious institute. 
Redemptorist Lipa City
Every Wednesday this place is crowded with Our Lady of Perpetual Help devotee. People all around Lipa City and Batangas are religiously praying to Our Mother of Perpetual Help.1960 when Redemptorist Missionaries came to the Philippines, The priest, brother, seminarians 
and lay are the ones who manage the church. Divino Amor Shrine in Lipa City is located along M.K Lina St. and traffic every Wednesday is expected since M.K Lina  St. is one of the main road in Lipa. Jeepney's coming from Batangas, Lemery, Mataas Na Kahoy and Batangas City are routed to the street.

Divino Amor Lipa City
Divino Amor Shrine or alson known as Redemptorist-Lipa one of the 49 parishes in Lipa this is why Lipa is also known as Little Rome of the Philippines. The foundation stone of this Chapel erected to the memory of the beneficiaries and their deceased 
relatives and friends was solemnly blessed and laid by most Rev. Alfredo Verzosa, D.D Bishop of Lipa October 31, 1948

Schedule of Mass Redemptorist  Lipa City

Lipa City Redemptorist Mass Schedule

Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday 6:00 Am Mass and Confession after Mass

Wednesday Mass and Novena
5:30 AM Novena 6:00 Mass 7:00 AM Novena
7:30 AM Mass 8:30 AM Novena
1:30 PM Novena 2:00 Mass
3:00 PM Novena 3:30 Mass
4:30 PM Novena 5:15 Pm Mass
6:00 PM Novena (English)

6:00 AM and 5:30 Pm Anticipated (mass English)

6:00 AM 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM

Inside the Church - the Chapel was recently renovated take a look at the image below.

inside divino amor lipa city

Image on the tree

2009 when an image of Mother of Perpetual Help was noticed on a cut mango tree trunk inside the Church compound. The image below was taken this year (January 2014)

image on a tree

Location of Redemptorist Church Lipa City and Contact number
Redemptorists  Divino Amor Church
 M.K. Lina Street  Lipa City 4217 Batangas PHILIPPINES
 (Ph)  +63 (0)43 756 1314  (Fx)  +63 (0)43 312 4438

How to Get to Redemptorist Lipa City Divino Amor 

M.K Lina Street is a major street in the city and if you are coming from Tambo exit, Batangas, Lemery, Mataas Na Kahoy and Cuenca a jeepney ride to Lipa City proper. 
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