How to Get NBI Clearance in Lipa City

How to Get NBI Clearance in Lipa City

If you're looking for step by step instruction on how to process NBI clearance in Lipa City you are in the right blog site. NBI clearance is a required documents for travel, employment and other services that requires a background check. It's a document to demonstrate that you are clear in any criminal case. NBI clearance outlets are all over the Philippines and luckily Lipa City is one of the regional outlet for Lipeños, you don't need to go somewhere else. Before processing NBI clearance here are some reminder that you need to follow:

NBI required you to at least present 2 valid ID. Here are the list of accepted ID's. Make sure you wear proper dress code for biometric and ID picture taking.

  •     Valid passport
  •     Voter’s ID
  •     Driver’s License
  •     PRC License
  •     SSS ID
  •     GSIS UMID
  •     School ID
  •     Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID
  •     Philhealth ID
  •     NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate
  •     Alien Certificate of Registration
  •     Senior Citizen
  •     Previous Copy of NBI Clearance
  •     Postal ID

NBI Clearance Lipa City location.

NBI Lipa is located at the Lipa City Hall at the rear of the primary building, its open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Once you have two valid ID's you need to wait in the queue for the form and payment, once you paid the certain amount a form will be given to proceed to the next step. Fees depends on the NBI Purpose or type of Application commonly for local application you need to pay Php 115 

Patience is a virtue here in processing an NBI clearance, after filling out the form, submit it to the appropriate window and wait for your name to be called. In the process of taking your finger print  and picture it is a quick step and knowing the result is quick as well, If the system detects you are hit you need to go back after eight working days or depends on the officer, he/she will stamp the receipt on the date that you need to comeback. 

Hit means - possible case against you, common name that requires to be checked etc. 

Oh, wait you need to pay extra 5php for the envelop issued on the cashier or before claiming your NBI Clearance.

How About NBI Online Application in Lipa City

I can say that its more convenient processing online application and print it, although you still need to fall in line to pay but I think it get prioritized since they don't need to encode the application and you might be included on the next call for finger print scan and ID picture. If you want to try the online application here is the link   NBI Online Application 

My overall experience is you need to wait almost 3-4 hours max depends on the applicant, how about you share your experience on getting NBI Clearance in Lipa City


  1. is it done once you have a biometrics and picture? how about the biometric 4... para san po un?

  2. Biometric will get your Thumb print mark and picture for your NBI ID clearance

  3. May P50 pa additional with receipt EASYWAY ENCODING SERVICES, which is not really part of the process, pwede naman wala ito, dinagdag nila sa LIPA, this is corruption I think.

    1. yeah, and how about 5 peso for extra envelop or tissue. I think. Let's do the math 5 x 1000 applicant.???? money money money!

  4. open po ba ang nbi ngayon dec 8

  5. open po ba ang nbi jan sa lipa po ngayon

  6. how about the renewal?

  7. pano yun mali yung spell ng Name ko at di ko na notice agad, what will i do?

    1. what do you mean? NBI need to validate that records with your ID?


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